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Corfield and Fitzmaurice Building Logo and Images

Corfield and Fitzmaurice Building

Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735
Inside the heritage listed Corfield and Fitzmaurice building awaits one of the nation's most comprehensive displays of Australian Dinosaur fossils. Australian Age of Dinosaurs shows the results of the fossil fever that has gripped Winton since the first bones of 'Elliot' were found on a Winton property. 'Elliot' was a Sauropod and is the largest dinosaur yet found in Australia - believed to be nearly 22 metres long. The display features the fossilised remnants of an ancient environment with bones from 'Elliot', the massive Sauropod that roamed nearly 100 million years ago on display. To get a snapshot view of what the world might have been like back then, see the life size diorama of the Dinosaur Stampede, recreating the scene where small dinosaurs fled in terror from a ten metre Carnosaur. Complementing the dinosaur displays is an exhibition of local opal with mining and gemstone information. The Corfield and Fitzmaurice Building, once Winton's general store, is a bit of dinosaur itself! As the oldest business in Winton, its own history has been set out in a graphic panelled display. Also within the complex is Combo Crafts, which sells a range of attractive pottery, jewellery, and other craft items. ...
Port of Maryborough Logo and Images

Port of Maryborough

Wharf Street, Maryborough QLD 4650
The marina also known as the Port of Maryborough is home to the last remnants of originals wharfs and is a must see for those visiting. A deeper site was selected to replace the first shallow port of Maryborough which was located upriver at the original township. Wool, tallow, hides and timber were exported through the busy port and many coastal vessels brought supplies for the settlers. At one time the wharves stretched from the far end of Queens Park to beyond the Granville Bridge. Between 1859 when Maryborough was declared an official Port of Entry and 1901, more than 22000 immigrants from Great Britain and Europe entered Australia through the port. Ships also brought Kanaka labour from the South Sea Islands to work on local sugar plantations. Ship building and repair industries added to the liveliness of the port. The derelict sheds behind the marina are remnants from the site of the Walker Shipyards which closed in 1974. ...
Texas Longhorn Tours Logo and Images

Texas Longhorn Tours

441 Urdera Road, Charters Towers QLD 4820
Witness the majestic and historic Texas Longhorns on a horse drawn wagon ride or Safari - an experience like no other. Take a traditional horse drawn wagon ride or Ranger Safari and a trip back in time, back to the 'Old West' to the time of the legendary Texas Longhorns. Situated 10 kilometres from Charters Towers, North Queensland, is Leahton Park, home to one of the largest full-blood herds of Texas Longhorns in Australia. These cattle are direct descendants of the millions of Longhorns that walked the great trail herds from Texas in the late 1800s. It is also home to JR -the 2013 Guinness World Record Texas Longhorn steer. JR was born and raised at Leahton Park and was certified in 2013 to have the longest horns of all cattle in the world. His horns now exceed 3.1 metres from tip to tip. Listen to the yarns and learn the history of this magnificent breed of cattle while enjoying the canvas covered wagon ride or Safari in the bush on the one and only experience of its kind. Asian Water Buffalo, Scottish Highlanders, American Bison, African Watusi and Indian Gyr cattle and native Aussie wildlife are all at Leahton Park. Due to current health advice on social distancing, please contact them for the most up to date information regarding opening times and services....
Marian Sugar Mill Logo and Images

Marian Sugar Mill

390 Anzac Avenue, Marian QLD 4753
Marian Mill was first built in 1885, but closed after a few years. The Marian Central Mill Co Ltd erected a new mill in 1894 under the Sugar Guarantee Act, and the first crushing took place in 1895. In 1966 the shareholders of Marian Central Mill Co Ltd voted to sell the assets and liabilities of that company to the cane farmers supplying the mill, who formed the Marian Mill Co-operative Society Limited. On February 1, 1988, Marian Mill, together with Cattle Creek, Farleigh, North Eton and Racecourse mills, amalgamated and purchased Pleystowe Mill to form the Mackay Sugar Co-operative Association Limited. Since then, Marian has been significantly improved to increase its crushing capacity, and its annual throughput of crops in excess of two million tonnes have earned it a ‘super mill’ status within the Australian sugar industry. Marian crushes crops previously supplied to the North Eton, which closed in 1989, and Cattle Creek Mill, which closed in 1990. A unique feature is the mural on the Engineering shed depicting a cane fire - rarely seen these days as most cane is cut green. Access is restricted but easily visible from the road. ...
Venus Gold Battery Logo and Images

Venus Gold Battery

Millchester Road, Charters Towers QLD 4820
Located on the outskirts of Charters Towers, the Venus Gold Battery offers an insight into an amazing real life gold rush of the late nineteenth century. The Battery is of national cultural significance as the largest surviving Battery relic in Australia and the oldest surviving Battery in Queensland. Constructed in 1872, it was a public or custom mill in its prime and became a State Battery in 1919 to provide ore crushing facilities for small miners long after other mills had closed. It ceased commercial operations in 1973 after a century of service. Guided tours are available daily. One of the highlights is a fascinating film presentation that shows not only the process of extracting gold from ore, but also the story of the Battery's working life and some of its ghosts. ...
Blackall Saleyards Logo and Images

Blackall Saleyards

Evora Road, Blackall QLD 4472
Built around the mid 1970s the Blackall saleyards were established as a structure to sell local cattle and have been in operation for many years. Today the facility is the major selling centre in western Queensland and source cattle from northern and far western regions. Over 120,000 cattle pass through the yards each year. Cattle sales are held each Thursday and are an incredible sight to see! with over 100 people attending. Visitors can experience the action of a live sale from the purpose built viewing deck constructed in 2017. ...
Collinsville Coalface Experience Logo and Images

Collinsville Coalface Experience

19 Railway Road, Collinsville QLD 4804
The Collinsville Coalface Experience celebrates the unique nature of Collinsville's, and indeed Australia‘s, coal mining heritage; and the battles, victories, hardships and joys of life for the coal miner - above ground and below, across the decades. Capturing the tears and the smiles, the Coalface Experience showcases the unique stories of the men and women who lived through the early years of coal mining in Collinsville. The rhythm of day to day life is told through the voices of the locals, as well as their reaction to one of the greatest tragedies witnessed in the history of mining in Australia . The Coalface Experience combines the latest technology in museum displays with an eerie sense of life underground as the story of mining life and technique is explained in incredible detail. Today the Coalface Experience reminds us of the battles won and lost by Australia's forebearers, and the importance of unity and friendship in the good times and the bad. A visit to the Collinsville Coalface Experience is certainly an emotional one, yet crucial in the telling of history across the generations. ...
Cluffies Park in Coppabella Logo and Images

Cluffies Park in Coppabella

Daunia Road, Coppabella QLD 4741
Cluffies Park in Coppabella is the perfect place to pull-over the car, stretch the legs and absorb the serenity of the natural environment! You can find it at the entry of the little country town which lies approximately 159 kilometres west of Mackay along the Peak Downs Highway. Here you can marvel at the magnificent aluminium gondola coal hopper, a monument to mark the 25 year celebration of the town which was officially opened by Mr Bill Adamson on Saturday 7 September 1996. Enjoy reading the interesting information plaques that are attached to the front of the coal wagon and learn about the fascinating history of Coppabella and the staggering statistics associated with the mines and ports that this town services! Coppabella is part of the Mining Trail drive and brochures can be picked up from Visitor Information Centres in the region. ...
Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park Logo and Images

Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park

Burke Developmental Road, Chillagoe QLD 4871
Featuring spectacular limestone caves, small galleries of Aboriginal rock art, jagged limestone outcrops and an historically significant mining site, this park is rich in natural and cultural heritage. The Chillagoe landscape began to form about 400 million years ago, when the area was covered by a shallow sea. Today that limestone towers over the surrounding plains as outcrops while underground, caves and caverns created by dissolving of the limestone are decorated by stalactites, stalagmites and flowstones. Join a ranger on a guided cave tour to view splendid limestone formations. Ranger-guided tours to Donna, Trezkinn and Royal Arch caves operate daily, except Christmas Day. If you are adventurous and well-prepared you can explore other caves and Aboriginal art sites on your own. Walk the nine kilometre return track to Royal Arch bluff or the short 440 metre return track to Balancing Rock. Visit the viewing area at the Chillagoe Smelters and learn about the State's mining and industrial heritage dating back to the 1890s....
Gayndah's Big Orange Logo and Images

Gayndah's Big Orange

3 Mick Lutvey Street, Gayndah QLD 4625
Gayndah is known as the citrus capital of Queensland and also the home of the Big Orange. Visit between April and October to taste the fresh juice made from the citrus growing on the property. The cafe serves up delectable Devonshire Teas and Real Bean Coffees. Why not stay for lunch to feast of fresh hamburgers, wraps and toasted sandwiches. Take a break and relax at this perfect stop for weary travellers. ...
Brisbane Distillery Logo and Images

Brisbane Distillery

99 Jane Street, West End QLD 4101
Welcome to Brisbane city’s first grain to glass artisan distillery, where they're crafting new and exciting gins, rum and botanical vodkas. When you visit their distillery you'll learn first hand how their Grain to Glass process builds such a smooth pure spirit. Taste their gins and vodka at the tasting bar and hear from their Master Distillery talk through their vast array of botanicals onsite. You may also choose to stay for the afternoon and experience their Gin School where you can distil your very own custom blend to take home and enjoy....
Hydro Power Plant Logo and Images

Hydro Power Plant

Gilmour Street, Thargomindah QLD 4492
The Hydro Power Plant is the first in Australia and third in the world! In 1891 drilling commenced on a bore to supply the town with water and in 1893 an exceptionally good supply was struck at 808 metres (2650 feet) with the water at 84 degrees celsius. Thargomindah was the first town to have reticulated Artesian Bore water. The bore was the source of energy for Australia's first hydro-electric scheme when in 1893 Thargomindah's streets were lit by means of a generator coupled to a water turbine driven by the bore's natural water pressure. They are third in the world to Paris and London to have street lighting generated by Hydro Power! For visitors to Thargomindah a working display is provided at 8.30am each day (April to September). ...
Miners Heritage Walk-In Mine Logo and Images

Miners Heritage Walk-In Mine

97 Heritage Road, Rubyvale QLD 4702
Miners Heritage is Australia's largest Underground Walk-In Sapphire Mine Tour. Visit the Central Queensland Sapphire Fields and take an informative 40 minute guided Mine Tour, which is suitable for all ages. After the Tour browse their underground museum and read about some of the amazing sapphires that have been found over the years. Buy a bucket of "wash" and start fossicking for your own gem, their friendly staff will show you how. Miners Heritage has an airconditioned showroom with a huge selection of 9 carat, 14 carat and 18 carat gold jewellery on display. They also have pearl, opal and semi-precious gemstone jewellery, loose gems from all over the globe, fossils, minerals and giftware for sale. Miners Heritage has an inhouse Jeweller and they also offer a gem cutting service. Stay for a couple of hours or stay all day. There is plenty of parking, clean amenities and they have an undercover sitting area with picnic tables. Tour groups can also be catered for. Miners Heritage is located in Rubyvale, approximately 65 kilometres west of Emerald. Go and explore the world of sapphires at Miners Heritage, your one stop introduction to the Sapphire Fields. ...
Towers Hill Lookout and Amphitheatre Logo and Images

Towers Hill Lookout and Amphitheatre

Black Jack Road, Charters Towers QLD 4820
Local legend has it that an Aboriginal boy named Jupiter first discovered gold at the foot of Towers Hill in December 1871. Today you can find a monument which depicts the location of the first gold sighting at the base of the hill. From there follow the road and uncover the stories of the Hill from the interesting and informative storyboards along the way which feature "Jupiter's Luck," "The Seismograph Station," and "Clark's Gold Mine." Discover 30 different World War II bunkers, one of which is a restored bunker located approximately half way up the Hill. Another track at the summit leads off to the ruins of the Pyrites Works. Early morning is the best time to discover the wildlife living on and around Towers Hill. You will see several species of macropods such as the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, the Whiptail and the Allied Rock Wallabies. Watch as the Wedge-tailed Eagles hunt their prey. Towers Hill comes to life in the evening with the Ghosts after Dark film screened in the Amphitheatre. Admission fees apply. Tickets can be purchased at the Visitor Information Centre. ...
Nutworks Logo and Images


37 Pioneer Road, Yandina QLD 4561
Nutworks is situated at Yandina, across the road from the Ginger Factory. Visitors are welcome to uncover the history and health benefits of Australia's macadamia nut, view chocolates and roasting nuts being made and taste the delicious samples on offer. Admission is free. Shopping for unique gifts and souvenirs in Nutworks retail store is also a real delight. There's an amazing array of unique and boutique macadamias, chocolate and confectionery, including beautiful packaged gifts and hampers. Afterwards, you can relax with a coffee in the Cafe and enjoy a macadamia scone or a decadent treat from the ever-changing cake display. Nutworks also has their online shop where all their products are at your figure tips to order from where ever you are. Want to keep up to date with their hot specials and new products? Subscribe on their website or follow them on Facebook! ...
Brooweena Historical Village and Museum Logo and Images

Brooweena Historical Village and Museum

Smith Crescent, Maryborough QLD 4650
The Brooweena Historical Village is a charming village depicting of what life was like in days gone by, set in a tranquil rural setting in the hamlet of Brooweena 304 kilometres north of Brisbane. This area was first settled by Europeans in 1849 and the town developed with the arrival of the railway line in 1889. The local sawmill opened in 1924 and timber continues to be an important local industry today. Sugar production is also one of Woocoo Shire's major industries. A collection of 12 heritage buildings presents a mosaic of the past, during peace and war - early education, recreation, elegance and gracious living are on display, There is a rustic barn with a collection of bullock and horse drawn vehicles and an original settler's slab dwelling with detached kitchen. Other buildings in the village well worth an inspection include a dairy shed, blacksmith's shop, the original Woocoo Shire Office (which was constructed in the town), the former Brooweena railway station, a brake van, railway goods shed a settler's slab hut and a butcher shop. The museum contains an extensive array of memorabilia, musical instruments, including, of course, accordions, those indispensable items of bush dances in the past. ...
Keppel Bay Marina Logo and Images

Keppel Bay Marina

Waterline Way, Rosslyn QLD 4703
Located at the gateway to the Keppel Group of Islands; Keppel Bay Marina is the friendliest and largest marina in Northern Australia. The multi award winning tourist facility is home to over 500 berths, The Waterline Restaurant, Sail Capricornia, Funtastic Cruises and a range of charter vessels. Make your holiday complete with an adventure to Keppel Bay Marina on your way to The Keppel Islands! ...
Dalrymple Sales Yards - Cattle Sales Logo and Images

Dalrymple Sales Yards - Cattle Sales

Flinders Highway, Charters Towers QLD 4820
Experience the thrill of a live cattle auction, held every Wednesday at the Dalrymple Sales Yards. The Charters Towers region is the largest cattle producing Local Government area in Australia with beef produced on 250 commercial properties running around 600,000 head of cattle collectively. Dalrymple Sales Yards sell over 100,000 head of store and prime cattle per annum and host North Queensland's premier bull and horse sales. The quality of the animals sold through the Dalrymple Sales Yards is evidenced by the recent sale of a bull which fetched a record price of AUD145000. ...
Golden Drop Winery Logo and Images

Golden Drop Winery

227 Bilwon Road, Mareeba QLD 4880
Golden Drop Winery is a family owned and operated boutique winery situated on one of the largest commercial mango plantations in Australia. The Winery was established in 1999, making it the first commercial winery in North Queensland. Golden Drop Wines are of premium quality and are refreshing and light. Golden Drop Wines are available in three delicious varieties - Dry, Medium and Sweet. As well as these there is a Sparkling Mango Wine, Mango Port and an extensive variety of fortified liqueur style wines. The product is 100 per cent Australian, and are produced from their very own Australian Kensington Red Mangoes. ...
Splitters Farm Logo and Images

Splitters Farm

205 Blairs Road, Sharon QLD 4670
Splitters Farm is a 160 acre property bordered by Splitters Creek, a fresh water nature reserve that feeds into Bundaberg’s beautiful Burnett River. Splitters Farm offers 'Meet the Animals' Farm Tours each weekend. Splitters Farm first started in 2017 as a safe haven and sanctuary for rescued farm animals who had been neglected, abused or victims of their owners change of circumstances. Most however, have come to Splitters Farm as the result of drought and the subsequent financial burden for farmers to feed their livestock. The Farm offers a 1 hour self-guided walking tour each weekend where you make your way from paddock to paddock at your own pace feeding animals and meeting the many characters of Splitters Farm. Tour times can be found on their website, with the additional option of VIP tours which includes a gourmet picnic hamper catered to all dietary requirements. A photographers dream, you'll hand feed and get up-close-and-personal with the beautiful rescue animals of Splitters Farm. Bottle feed their orphaned babies, taste honey, collect eggs and get some dirt under your fingernails. Bring a camera, drink, sunscreen, hat and covered shoes. The acreage is a working cattle farm and, in addition to its rescued barnyard animals, is home to native Australian animals including wallabies, platypus, barramundi, prehistoric lung fish and boasts over 150 documented species of Australian bird life....
Nikenbah Markets Logo and Images

Nikenbah Markets

- Maryborough Road, Hervey Bay QLD 4655
The Nikenbah Markets are held at the Hervey Bay Animal Refuge on the first, third and fifth Sundays of each month. Items for sale at these very popular Markets include arts and crafts, fresh produce, trash and treasure, cakes and jams and much more. The Nikenbah Markets are held to raise much need funds to care for the animals at the Hervey Bay Animal Refuge. ...
Sarina Sugar Shed Logo and Images

Sarina Sugar Shed

Field of Dreams Parkland, Sarina QLD 4737
Sarina Sugar Shed is one of its kind in Australia and has a big story to tell! It is a multi-award winning attraction fuelled by an ingenious miniature sugar mill and distillery. It showcases the local sugar and distilling industries along with the incredible qualities of sugar and its diversity of use. Located in the heart of Queensland’s multi-million dollar sugarcane industry, their unique attraction welcomes visitors seven days a week taking them on an interactive, educational and tasty journey. A visit to Sarina Sugar Shed will tantalise the taste buds with their delicious array of products produced onsite. ...
Quilpie Opal Fossicking Logo and Images

Quilpie Opal Fossicking

Developmental Road, Quilpie QLD 4480
Allow the Quilpie Shire to introduce you to a radiant beauty - the exquisite boulder opal. You can literally try your luck at finding your own piece of opal along side the Warrego Way and Natural Sciences Loop at the Quilpie Shire Council fossicking area, two kilometres west of Quilpie. This site provides a real opportunity for all ages to have a go at uncovering this pretty gemstone. Fossick for free and no permit required....
Amandine Lavender Logo and Images

Amandine Lavender

288 Seaview Road, Bargara QLD 4670
Amandine Lavender is a gift shop and farm located in Bundaberg, Queensland. Amandine Lavender was established in 2008, as a way to diversify and introduce an alternative industry to an existing sugarcane farm at Bargara, near Bundaberg. Amandine Lavender offers a range of lavender products to calm and relax, and fragrance your home. The quaint gift shop, framed with flowers of lavender, provides a truly unique lavender experience. Self guided propagation activities are available for visitors to participate in. ...
King Opal Logo and Images

King Opal

164-166 Siganto Drive, Helensvale QLD 4212
King Opal is a unique Gold Coast tourist destination allowing visitors to view and purchase from the largest selection of exquisite Australian opals direct from the miners. Since the 1880s, Australia's beautiful and extraordinary gemstone, the opal has been mined in the outback. Today, more than 95 per cent of the world's opals are sourced from Australia. On arrival you will experience their opal cutting workshop, a presentation on opal history by their friendly staff that covers all types of opals followed by the opportunity to explore their extensive and exclusive showroom. In their showroom their professional staff will assist you with your requirements for opal selection and also show you our award winning display pieces from our museum. With their location only five minutes from all the major theme parks you can experience their attraction that is available from 9am-5pm seven days a week. ...
Mount Hay Gemstone Tourist Park Logo and Images

Mount Hay Gemstone Tourist Park

3665 Capricorn Highway, Wycarbah QLD 4702
Mount Hay Gemstone Tourist Park, 36 kilometres west of Rockhampton on the Capricorn Highway is an internationally known destination for thunderegg fossicking. Thundereggs or 'volcanic birthstones' are crystalline formations that occur when gas bubbles in molten lava solidify on cooling. Mount Hay Gemstone Tourist Park is also a well-known destination for the purchase of semi-precious Australian gemstone products, cut and polished in the Mount Hay factory. Mount Hay Gemstone Tourist Park is also the home of 'Aradon Fine Pewter', where a large range of Australiana gift lines and souvenirs are produced and marketed nationally. Visitors to the park have a choice of browsing the gift shop, going fossicking (tools and assistance provided), or taking a guided tour of the fossicking area and the gemstone cutting and pewter casting factories. Admission to the park is free (includes picnic area and barbecues), and there are camping and caravan sites as well as a kiosk. Fees apply to fossicking and tours and enclosed footwear is required. ...
Tinaberries Logo and Images


15 Zinks Rd, Bundaberg QLD 4670
Tinaberries is a fabulous, fun farm experience located between Bundaberg and the glorious coral coast. At the farm you can purchase sweet strawberries during our winter strawberry season; Pick Your Own during Spring and enjoy delicious real fruit Ice Cream year round! Tinaberries is a family farm and guests are warmly welcomed for Ice cream and Strawberries. At Tinaberries they are passionate about sustainable production. Their aim is to reduce the environmental ‘footprint’ of their farm and preserve the ecological health of their naturally beautiful region....
Global Food Markets Logo and Images

Global Food Markets

Croydon Road, Woodridge QLD 4114
Discover an incredible diversity of fresh produce and authentic street food at one of Logan’s best kept foodie secrets, the Global Food Markets. Shop amongst locals and pick up a range of seasonal produce you'd only expect to find overseas including; dragonfruit, jackfruit, custard apples, lychees, rambutan, mangosteen and much more. While you're there, treat yourself to hot breakfast from a melting hot pot of global cuisines including South-East Asian, Indian, African, Pacific Islands, and tastes from the Middle East. The Global Food Markets is on every Sunday, it's admission is free and a truly wonderful culinary experience! ...
The Big Rig Oil Patch Guided Tour Logo and Images

The Big Rig Oil Patch Guided Tour

2 Riggers Road, Roma QLD 4455
Bring your Oil Patch Museum experience to life with one of our experienced "Roma Rigger" guides. Hear all the crude stories and gritty details of an industry that history almost forgot. Drill deeper into understanding the modern Australian gas and learn how the industry today works with with community and local landholders. Tours depart weekdays at 2pm, excluding public holidays....
Woodworks Museum and Interpretive Centre Logo and Images

Woodworks Museum and Interpretive Centre

Fraser Road, Gympie QLD 4570
Gympie's Woodworks Museum and Interpretive Centre was first opened by the Queensland Museum and Department of Forestry in March 1984 and gives visitors a fascinating insight into the Timber Industry through the years. The Centre has a host of attractions including a steam driven sawmill, springboard display, pioneering forestry hand tools display and a fully restored 1925 'republic' Winch Truck. The Woodworkers workshop is on site including and timber souvenirs are for sale. Demonstrations and guided tours available for groups including school parties by arrangement. ...
Camden Park Station - Longreach Logo and Images

Camden Park Station - Longreach

1 Landsborough Highway, Longreach QLD 4730
Live Australia’s outback story on a tour of Camden Park Station, where you'll meet Outback Dan and the Walker family and visit their 18,000 acre working sheep and cattle station. Walk through the historical homestead gardens, shearing shed and cattle yards then tour the farm after a scrumptious smoko. Take the path of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip on their 1970 visit and marvel at the oldest private ballroom in the outback, built in 1927 of Jarrah wood and featuring an exquisite chandelier. Bask in the picturesque artesian spring and bore, and take in the 360 degree views from Longreach’s highest lookout without a man-made structure in sight. Visit the historic 'dry bottom' Chinaman's well that was built following the gold rush, and the unknown swagman's grave of a young man who set out for Camden Park Station looking to make his own opportunities but unfortunately never made it. Book a tour of Camden Park Station at the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame or via Outback Aussie Tours....
Copperfield Store, Chimney and Cemetery Logo and Images

Copperfield Store, Chimney and Cemetery

Rubyvale-Copperfield Road, Clermont QLD 4721
In 1861 copper was discovered four miles south-west of Clermont and Queensland's first copper mine, Peak Downs Copper Mining Company was born. By December 1864 the first shipment of copper was destined for Broadsound on bullock drawn drays and within 15 years a total of 17,000 tons of refined copper sold. In 1874, the Municipality of Copperfield was declared and the town was bustling with over 2000 Chinese, Welsh and Australian residents and the town comprised of 370 dwellings, 31 miles of roads and streets incorporating two banks, a baker, three butchers, three blacksmiths, six stores, a saddler, two auctioneers, a cordial maker and six hotels, school of arts, a newsagent and its own newspaper, Copperfield Miner. By 1892 the population had declined to 85 and the copper mine closed in 1907. All that remains today of Copperfield is the store, cemetery and chimney. The rich history of the town and its pioneers was instrumental in shaping the mining industry of today. These landmarks demonstrate the development and decline of Copperfield as a copper mine and commercial centre from the 1860s to the 1970s and it is unusual for stores in mining towns to outlive the remainder of the settlement. ...
Bundaberg Rum Visitor Experience Logo and Images

Bundaberg Rum Visitor Experience

Hills Street, Bundaberg East QLD 4670
The Bundaberg Rum Distillery is the home of Australia's most iconic rum, which has been made to a time-honoured tradition since 1888. The Visitor Experience offers three tours; the Bundaberg Rum Museum Experience, the Bundaberg Rum Distillery Experience and a Blend Your Own Rum Experience. There is also a Retail Store, where visitors can purchase exclusive and limited edition products, and the Bear Garden Cafe & Bar area. The Museum Experience is a self-guided tour, where guests walk through six 75,000 litre oak vats in a unique sensory experience that showcases the proud and rich history behind the iconic Australian rum. As part of the Distillery Experience, guests join one of the expert guides on a journey deep into the heart of the fully operational distillery. For those that want to try their hand at becoming a Master Blender, the premium Blend Your Own Rum Experience allows guests to learn the art of blending their very own rum straight from the barrel. In light of the current situation, the Bundaberg Rum Visitor Experience is closed until further notice. The Distillery Store remains open observing all recommended social distancing protocols and additional cleaning and hygiene practices are in place. Please contact the business for the most up to date information regarding opening times and services....
Arthur Timms Lookout Mount Morgan Logo and Images

Arthur Timms Lookout Mount Morgan

Hall Street, Mount Morgan QLD 4714
Named after a former Chairman for the Mount Morgan Council, the Arthur Timms Lookout is the closest lookout to the Mine. This viewing point provides a perfect photo opportunity of the Mine from a distance and a great way to view the spanning township. The views of the old gold mine are spectacular just seeing for yourself the scale of material that was removed during its glory days....
The Big Rig - The Night Show Sunset Experience Logo and Images

The Big Rig - The Night Show Sunset Experience

2 Riggers Road, Roma QLD 4455
Join them on a sunset tour to the EMSCO Rig and enjoy some 'really' good regional Port whilst hearing the stories of yesteryear. As the sun sets relax under the outback skies as you are taken on a 35 minute sound and light journey to learn of the entertaining trials and triumphs of early industry men and women in Roma. Tour Duration: 60 Minutes. Monday, Wednesday and Friday March to November 5pm. December to February 5.30pm. ...
Cotters Markets Logo and Images

Cotters Markets

Flinders Street, Townsville QLD 4810
Discover North Queensland's freshest produce, award winning arts and crafts and a collection of local stalls, entertainment and gift ideas at Cotters Markets. Held every Sunday from 8.30am until 1pm. The markets offer ultra-fresh fruit and vegetables, stunning jewellery, original art works, massages, woodwork, stuffed toads, home-baked cakes, gifts for all occasions and entertainment. Come along and check it out! ...
Gracemere Exhibition Complex Logo and Images

Gracemere Exhibition Complex

1 Saleyards Road, Gracemere QLD 4702
The Gracemere Saleyards, located eight kilometres west of Rockhampton, began operations in 1953.The saleyards hosts the world's largest stud sale (Brahman Week) and Australia's biggest horse sale (National Quarter Horse Sale). Extensive upgrading of facilities totalling AUD7.5 million began in 2003, ensuring that the saleyards remain one of Central Queensland's foremost attractions. Visitors can expect an inside view of livestock sales in the comfort of the upgraded selling ring, comfortably sitting up to 1,000 people. Stud sales are conducted primarily in the spring, September through to November, and many Australian and Australasian records are held both in relation to prices and the number of stock sold. The current highest price paid for a beast is AUD80,000 for a Brahman bull. ...
Stock Exchange Arcade Logo and Images

Stock Exchange Arcade

76 Mosman Street, Charters Towers QLD 4820
Imagine back to the days of the 1800s, when the gold rush was at its prime and the township of Charters Towers was the second largest city in Queensland. An arcade was designed by Sydney architect Mark Day and built by Sandbrook Brothers of Sydney in 1888 for local civic leader and businessman Alexander Malcolm. Known then as the Royal Arcade, it housed one of Australia's first regional stock exchanges, the Charters Towers Stock Exchange from 1890. At one time the price of gold was set in that very Arcade, an indication of the importance of the Charters Towers' economy at the time. Today, the stockbroker's offices have been converted into shops and make for an interesting insight into the buildings history. Wander through the Don Roderick Gallery, enjoy the building's magnificent architecture and don't miss the "Calling of the Card," a ghostly reminder of Charters Towers' golden days. ...