Andergrove Tavern - Andergrove Restaurant Gold Coast

Andergrove Tavern

entertainment | Andergrove QLD 4740

074955 5444
64 Andergrove Rd, Andergrove QLD 4740

Book Direct with the Owner at Andergrove Tavern in Andergrove with Holiday Gold Coast for all your restaurant and entertainment needs.

The Grove is your local Mackay restaurant and tavern serving up great deals daily.

Your money goes further at The Grove— Andergrove’s local family tavern. Our bistro offers dining options that cater to a variety of tastes, including a buffet and a la carte menu, as well as daily specials and the good ol’ Sunday roast for lunch or dinner.

For keen punters who don’t mind a cold one, The Grove Sports Bar is the ideal spot with our Keno and TAB facilities. In the public bar, you’ll find pool tables, large screen TVs, and a jukebox, while our gaming room boasts 45 gaming machines. For karaoke lovers, we offer regular Saturday night Karaoke Under the Stars.

The Grove is a child-friendly tavern and offers a well-equipped kids playroom for the little ones to enjoy. There are games, puzzles and PlayStations, as well as an enclosed play gym for the kids to burn off some energy.

Planning a celebration or a special event? The Grove also offers affordable conference and function facilities, and our staff will ensure your special occasion is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Our kitchen staff are happy to cater a menu to suit your theme and event requirements. It simply couldn't be easier!

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