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Hervey Bay Go Kart Track Logo and Images

Hervey Bay Go Kart Track

245 Scrub Hill Road, Wondunna QLD 4655

Established in 1990, the Hervey Bay Go Kart Track has been keeping both locals and tourists entertained for years.  

A family run business, we offer great prices, deals and memories to last a lifetime.  

Whether you're looking to keep the grandkids entertained, throw an adrenaline-pumped bucks party or just try something new and exciting, you'll love it! 

Aside from our single karts, we also offer tandem karts with dual steering so you can teach the little ones how to handle the corners before they graduate to a single kart (once they meet the age and height requirements) or even just to get them used to the track before they go it alone!

We have a kiosk supplying cold drinks, ice-creams, chips, lollies & a barbeque is available for larger gatherings and group bookings.

Located on the Hervey Bay Maryborough road, you can't miss our 650 metre long bitumen track and 120 metre long waterslide running down the side of the hill. 

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Skydive Hervey Bay Logo and Images

Skydive Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay Airport, 1 Don Adams Drive, Urangan, Wondunna QLD 4655

Our Tandem Jumps:

Beach Bums
Hervey Bay's beautiful white sandy beaches stretch from the north western boundary of Hervey Bay right across to the sandy straits, offering an amazing view under parachute. Our beautifulbeaches are a reflection of Fraser Island's remarkable coastline, and offer the best place to land your parachute.

Pelican Banks
Pelican Banks is a sandy cay 7 nautical miles off the Hervey Bay coast, that acts as a bird sanctuary for 6 months of the year. All sand, with no trees, this offers an excellent location to land on whilst enjoying views of Fraser Island's western point, Moon Point.

Round Island
Round Island is a tropical island with shady picnic areas located 1km off the Hervey Bay boat harbour. Enjoy a jump onto the island, and go for a swim in the cool, turquoise waters surrounding the island.

Don't worry! Skdiving is a spectator sport as well! If you're too chicken to have a go, you can still watch all the action unfold! Our friendly and knowledgable ground crew go to the beach for every jump. So you can either jump in the bus with them, or follow along behind, and make your way down to the beach, and watch your loved ones have the time of their life!

Every day is different. We don't choose which beach we land on... the wind tells us. Every jump, we analyse the winds, and allocate the beach we will land on. This means, that as much as we'd like to, we cannot guarantee you a certain beach. But at the time of your jump, ask one of our friendly team where you will be landing, and we can let you know how to get there!

Remote Fraser Island Experience - Tasman Venture Logo and Images

Remote Fraser Island Experience - Tasman Venture

Buccaneer Drive, Wondunna QLD 4655
Be one of the few to see the untouched and unique side of this stunning island. This is no ordinary Fraser Island holiday tour; get away from the crowds and chaos, forget the rigid time tables or rushing from place to place. With Tasman Venture you can experience the hidden and remote parts of Fraser Island in a comfortable and relaxing way. You will not just see the Island, but experience the Island while bush walking, snorkelling, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, tube riding and swimming. Their friendly and experienced staff will provide you with interesting information and show you the wildlife such as: dolphins, dingoes, turtles, sea eagles, fish and many more. Let them show you their amazing backyard! Your full day tour includes: Wathumba Creek with its crystal clear water, Awinya or Bowarrady Creek with their diverse natural beauty and fresh water, nine kilometres of coloured sand, beach and water activities, guided walks, beach access with Amphibious Water Craft, morning and afternoon tea, delicious Aussie barbecue lunch, tropical fruit platter and antipasto platter, fully licensed bar. Small numbers on spacious boat. Free transfer from your Hervey Bay accommodation....