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In 2004 a new era - the era of N@sh - had dawned, very much a more geographically flexible era. We secured the use, courtesy of Front Row Theatre, of the Hamilton Town Hall for our second play of 2004 - Medea. Several plays were, in fact, already in rehearsal during this unsettled period, the casts and crews of which were beginning to feel distinctly gypsy-like. Nash stormed back to Fortitude Valley after an agreement was made with the Trinity Anglican church
where we performed one our biggest (and oddest?) crowd pleasers of 2004 - a production of the Shakespeare classic A Midsummer Night\'s Dream. It couldn\'t compete, in crowd pleasing stakes, though, with our final production for 2004: Dan James\' "twist of lemon" take on Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs - an absolutely incredible effort from everyone involved.

All of which seems to mean our roving gamble is paying off: 2004 was, in fact, been a truly great year for N@sh - one in which we\'ve gone from place to place, and strength to strength, and back and forth to the pub. We\'ve made new friends, forged new "alliances", and broken new ground in all kinds of ways!

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