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Ride the Beach Logo and Images

Ride the Beach

Mossman-Daintree Road, Wonga QLD 4873

Join us for a relaxing beach horse riding tour along beautiful Wonga Beach and through pristine Daintree Rainforest - experience a day like no other.

Wonga Beach Equestrian Centre is situated at Wonga Beach, 25 minutes north of Port Douglas and 10 minutes south of Daintree Village.

Join us on a relaxing half day horse ride along beautiful Wonga Beach and through pristine Daintree Rainforest. Where else in the world can you ride through two world heritage wonders? As we journey along Wonga Beach we have the Great Barrier Reef on one side of us and world heritage Daintree Rainforest on the other...truly spectacular!

Daintree Discovery Centre Logo and Images

Daintree Discovery Centre

Cape Tribulation Road, Corner of Tulip Oak Road, Whyanbeel QLD 4873

A multi-award winner, the Discovery Centre is nestled in the heart of the rainforest, 10 kilometres north of the Daintree River. The Centre is a 'must see' for anyone visiting the area and where you can experience the rainforest at every level - from the forest floor to the upper most reaches of the canopy. From the top of the 23 metre high Canopy Tower you can check out spectacular orchids and if you're lucky you might just spot a python curled up in a giant basket fern. The spectacular Aerial Walkway provides unprecedented access to the mid level rainforest. You may see a Cassowary with a clutch of chicks wandering along the creek below. The Display Centre has a DVD theatre with films on conservation, cassowaries, crocodiles and more. Interactive computer kiosks have animated DVD's - a great hit with the kids and the creek ecology display has fish, frogs and turtles and a reptile display. Self guided audio tours feature interesting information of how the traditional local Aboriginal people made good use of the natural features of the rainforest.

Devils Thumb (Manjal Jimalji) Trail Logo and Images

Devils Thumb (Manjal Jimalji) Trail

Karnak Road, Whyanbeel QLD 4873
Located in the Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park, the Devils Thumb (Manjal Jimalji) trail begins at Little Falls Creek. This challenging trail provides an opportunity for explorers to discover the unique vegetation of the upland and lowland rainforest, as well as the amazing range of bird life native to the region. Manjal Jimalji is the Eastern Kuku Yalanji place name for the locally known Devils Thumb and is a significant cultural site that tells the story of fire creation. On a clear day, hikers can enjoy stunning views of the coastline from the lookout. The trail requires a decent level of fitness so be prepared for steep ascents and slippery surfaces. The trail is broken up into sections identified by natural landmarks and distance markers have been placed at one kilometre intervals along the route to help you track your progress....
Low Isles Logo and Images

Low Isles

43120 - Low Isles QLD 4873
Situated 15 kilometres north-east of Port Douglas, the Low Isles comprise a four acre coral cay surrounded by 55 acres of reef. The reefs are very close to the island, which makes snorkelling an easy and enjoyable experience. The two small islands are separate but share the common reef. The larger of the two, Woody Island, is uninhabited except for a large bird population. It is a vital habitat for many species. The smaller of the Low Isles is a coral cay with a lighthouse that has been operating since 1878. Weather data has been gathered from the island since 1887, and scientific associations date back to 1928 when it was the base for a year-long scientific survey that examined the structure and ecology of the surrounding reef. This was the first scientific study of a coral reef anywhere in the world, and many current theories of coral reef ecology are based on the findings of this expedition. There are 150 different species of hard corals in the waters surrounding Low Isles, although these are dominated by 15 species of soft corals. If you look closely, the feathery tentacles of soft corals can often be seen collecting tiny food particles from the water around them. Living amongst the corals is a large variety of fish, molluscs, sea cucumbers and other animals. Colourful blue, green and purple parrotfish are a common sight as well as angelfish, damselfish, anenomefish or clownfish, trevally, rabbitfish, sweetlip, moon wrasse and fusilleers, just to name a few! Plus, you might run into the resident turtles. The lightstation (controlled by Queensland Parks and Wildlife) on the flat low lying western island, was completed and exhibited in 1878. The 18 metre tower was originally constructed on a timber frame with a galvanised sheath in the typical Queensland fashion, however Low Isles was the first to have porthole windows....