Ocean International Hotel | Mackay Holiday Gold Coast

Ocean International Hotel

accommodation | Mackay QLD 4740

(07) 4957 2044
1 Bridge Road, Mackay QLD 4740
Ocean International Hotel in Mackay, offers beachfront accommodation with magnificent views with the beach only metres from their door. Surrounded by tropical gardens, their guests enjoy a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, away from highway noise but still within close proximity to the city and airport. The Ocean International function centre is among the best equipped facility in the Mackay region. Their experienced functions team will assist you from booking and planning through to execution of your event. The wide variety of rooms and configurations available, mean that they can cater for small business meetings up to large conferences or formal occasions. Their Galleons Restaurant is a perfect place to indulge at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Distinctly different to other hotels, Ocean International offers a sophisticated yet easy-going atmosphere, providing personalised attention and superior service enjoyed by all guests. Whether your stay is for a family holiday, romantic getaway or corporate travel, Ocean International Hotel is the perfect retreat....
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