Lake Awoonga Caravan Park - Benaraby Holiday Gold Coast

Lake Awoonga Caravan Park

accommodation | Benaraby QLD 4680

(07) 4975 0155
865 Awoonga Dam Road, Benaraby QLD 4680
Located on a nature reserve, which is home to a vast array of Flora and Fauna. The Park is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet lakeside family holiday. The Cabin and Caravan Holiday Park offers a variety of comfortable clean cabins at reasonable rates as well as powered and non powered camp sites, that have beautiful views of the lake. The public boat ramp is nearby for the avid fisherman. The Lake is perfect for water skiing, water craft, water sports and swimming. Within walking distance is canoe, kayak and boat hire, bush walking trails, recreational grass areas, barbecue area, lookouts and a playground for the kids....
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